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Shalom Word Ministries

Our ministries are guided by the fundamental tenets of Creating Community, Conquering Adversity, and Celebrating Diversity.

College Ministry
This ministry addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of local college students.

Community Groups
This ministry is designed for members and future members of Shalom. Community Groups are built around outreach, discipleship, and community service. Participation in Community Groups builds community with and among one another by caring for, supporting, encouraging, and praying for each other. The primary focus of Community Groups is to make and build disciples for JESUS CHRIST.

Cultural Outreach Ministry
This ministry enables Shalom to experience, better understand, and serve the diverse cultures within our church and community.

Outreach Ministries
This ministry addresses needs within the community by Shalom members.
A succinct listing of our Outreach Ministries is listed below:
1) Mentoring and tutoring for students at our local elementary, middle, and high schools.
2) Community Health Fairs
3) Annual Summer Academic Enrichment Program focusing on math, reading, financial literacy, technology, healthy eating/living, and gardening.
4) Weekly meals with high school athletes hosted by and at Shalom
5) Annual Thanksgiving Day Luncheon
6) Annual CHRISTmas Breakfast
7) Refugee ministry which helps new citizens get acclimated to the Greensboro community

Spiritual Servants’ Ministry
This ministry is comprised of all the Ministers, Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses within Shalom. The members of the Spiritual Servants’ Ministry meet regularly to ensure that the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of members are met.

Stewardship Ministry
This ministry is the internal executive committee that governs the church alongside the Pastors as directed by the HOLY SPIRIT. These members represent various constituencies within the congregation who meet monthly to ensure that we are "faithful stewards" over all that God has loaned to us.

YES Ministry…Young Entrepreneurs @ Shalom
This ministry is designed to help youth learn the basic tenets of being successful entrepreneurs.


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